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Dr Michael McNamara endorses Sabrina Heisey

Respected community leader and former Dracut School Committee member Dr Michael McNamara has endorsed Sabrina Heisey for State Rep in the 36th Middlesex District. 

Dr. McNamara's Statement reads:

"Two years ago, I decided not to run for re-election to the Dracut School Committee. At that time, I endorsed Allison Volpe, a newcomer to politics, but a passionate resident with two children in the schools. Allison ran against a very well known insider who worked hard, but not hard enough to beat Allison. The following year, I endorsed Sabrina Heisey for School Committee against an entrenched 9-year School Committeeman. Sabrina was successful in her bid to unseat Matt Sheehan.

This serves as a backdrop to this year's 36th Middlesex District race for State Representative. The incumbent has served for 24 years. Serving in the State House is not intended to be a lifetime position. New ideas, new approaches, new thinking is always good. Sabrina Heisey is the hardest working candidate who I have ever endorsed and with whom I have ever worked. A mother of six children, she has every reason to want to serve the residents of Dracut and Tyngsboro. Sabrina is not afraid to tackle the tough issues or ask the tough questions. I strongly believe in TERM LIMITS having decided and announced, at the beginning of my second full term, that I would step aside and make room for someone with as much passion as I had serving on the Dracut School Committee. I had the energy and stamina to continue to serve the children of Dracut, but new ideas and thinking are always important. The incumbent has served long enough (24 years).

It's time for new ideas, new energy, new passion. I am endorsing Sabrina Heisey as my candidate of choice for State Representative for the 36th Middlesex District. She will work hard for the residents of Dracut and Tyngsboro."

The primary is on Sept 4th. 



Committee to Elect Sabrina Heisey
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