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I consider myself innovative, creative, fair and budget conscious. My core values and beliefs reflect those principles. 

Financial Transparency

Beacon Hill must be held accountable for its spending habits: I believe that residents have the right to access records relating to setting and keeping to the budget.  We need to encourage greater citizen input in the budget-making process, and to work with community partners when setting realistic expenditures.

In my work on the Dracut School Committee, I have found there to be significant red tape at the state level regarding how money is allocated and spent.  I would like to create a stronger web presence of financial records, and to require clear, in-depth records showing how state budgets are made, and how our tax dollars are spent.

Education Inequity

I believe that all children in Massachusetts deserve a high-quality education, regardless of their zip code.  Massachusetts public school are largely financed through local property taxes, with additional funding coming from the state.  Although this state financing is designed to ensure that all children, regardless of their zip code's wealth, have an equal education, the current system has too many loopholes.

I would fight to add more money to the Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA) to make sure that all students are learning in safe and clean environments; fully fund the circuit breaker at 75% for special education; and work to create funding formulas that leave no Massachusetts children or towns behind.

Campaign Finance Reform

According to Gallop, more than 75% of Americans believe that we need to change our campaign finance laws. However, most politicians are wary of changing the system that worked for them.

On Beacon Hill, I will support laws that limit special interest and dark money donations, and support laws that encourage transparency. I will support current efforts to allow candidates to use campaign resources for childcare: something that has been shown to increase the ability of parents of young children to run for office.  I will also support efforts to increase the transparency around so-called "dark money" donations to candidates: Massachusetts citizens have the right to know who is funding their politicians.

Gun Control

90% of Americans support tighter background checks for purchasing guns, and are sick of the 10% holding us hostage.  Although Massachusetts has some of the strictest gun laws in the United States, I believe that there are still too many loopholes.

I will support the extreme protection order, to help to prevent people who have a record of homicidal or suicidal behavior from purchasing guns.  I will support our Attorney General for going after "copycat" assault rifles, which are allowed to be sold in Massachusetts.  I also believe that everyone who owns a gun should be required to have liability insurance on their weapon.

Health Care

Although Massachusetts was a leader in innovative health care measures, it did not stem the cost of the actual health care, nor did it improve the quality of health care.

I will support a single payer health care system that removes the profit of private insurance companies while reducing the overall cost of health care.  Health care is infrastructure, and should be treated as such.  Massachusetts should also require health care to include dentistry, eye health, and mental health.  Improved mental health care would effect an entire host of issues, including our homicide and suicide rates, the opioid crisis affecting our state, homelessness, and more.

Automatic Voter Registration

Automatic voting registration at the age of 18 will make voting easier and more accessible for all Massachusetts residents. I will support legislation that makes voting easy and open for everyone 18 or older.

One Fair Living Wage

One Fair Wage movement is an organization dedicated to raising the wages of America's lowest paid workers - restaurant workers. The federal minimum wage for tipped restaurant workers hasn't budged since 1991. Plus the state minimum wage in Massachusetts for tipped workers is far below the minimum wage for others. That is not acceptable.
People who work in restaurants deserve a professional wage. 

I support raising the minimum wage for all workers to $15 per hour for all employees including our servers, bartenders and other service industries and then including automatic inflation for future adjustments. 

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